Hello there! I’m Valerie

I love vinyl records, film photography, and learning how to do new things. I also love living sustainability and leaving the earth better than I found it.

I’m here to document everything, from the biggest moments to the small everyday bits that make us who we are. I love people who love sharing their hearts with everyone around them.

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Of course, the info everyone is most interested in! I love to work with couples, families, and everyone in between, and I am sure that I you

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Weddings are my absolute favorite, but I also love photographing couples and families. Just get engaged, add to your family, or want to document your special everyday moments? I’d love to be a part of all of it!

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From recent photosessions, to tips on taking better camera phone photos, film photography reviews, to life updates, I share a little of everything I do.

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Committed to the Earth

All albums and photos are printed on 100% post consumer recycled archival quality paper. The birch wood mounted prints are my favorite, created using the world’s most Eco-conscious materials and renewable energy. we only use non-solvent, UV cured inks and sustainable harvested birch wood. the photos are printed using water based, archival inks, and daily operations 100% solar powered!


photography is tender because it is the only art form that can take something immaterial and turn it into something physical that you can keep forever, like if you could extract your love from the air and give it to someone in an envelope with a heart

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