Christmas Day photos with your phone

Christmas Day photos with your phone

The best part of Christmas Day is spending time with your family (after opening presents and spending the day in your PJs, of course!) Most people don’t have a big fancy DSLR to pull out for Christmas Day photos, and if they have one, the probably don’t want to use it (myself included). It’s important to be present and engaged on Christmas Day, and it hard to do that if you’re hiding behind a big old lens.

The beauty of technology is that the camera on your phone is probably a lot better than you think it is, there are just a few hacks you can use to get the most out of it.

Adjust the exposure -

Making sure your photos are properly exposed is the most important step in quality photos. Most things can be adjusted if necessary later, but improper exposure is hard to fix. When your camera app is open, tap on the screen on the subject of the photo, and that will be the best exposed part of the photo (usually this means bright areas like outside the window will be practically solid white - that’s fine! - what’s outside is usually not the main focus of the photo)


Dont use flash

It’ll make your photos look weird.

Use as much natural light as possible

Leaving the window blinds open as much as possible will let natural light in, which helps ac\void weird skin tones and odd shadows. If there is not a lot of windows in your room, turning on all the lights helps too. The less the camera on your phone has to work to find light, the better your photos will look

Get on the floor

Sitting on the floor put you eye level with kids and adults who are opening presents, and the upward angle for shots of the tree will automatically look more dramatic. It’s a great way to get photos that are full of action and emotion.

Get in the photo

Don’t forget selfies, or using your camera’s timer function to make sure you’re in the pictures too!


Apps to help you out

The nice thing about apps is you don’t have to worry about shipping and delivery, they’re instant.

For taking picture in the moment, check out VSCO, SnapSeed, Lightroom CC, and FilmBorn to touch up your photos.

Accessories to help you out

At this point you probably can’t even order anything Prime and get it on Christmas Day, but you can pick up a cute little lens kit like this one at Walmart or CVS. It includes a fish eye lens and a macro lens, which can add cool effects to your pictures. (If you’re interested in investing longer term quality lenses for your camera, I would suggest the Revolver series lenses- they’re super cool! I took them with me on my trip to NY, and the photos rivaled my DSLR for sure.)

Olivia & Gray on Ektar 100

Olivia & Gray on Ektar 100