Olivia & Gray on Ektar 100

I want to take more pictures with actual film, and not just do film edits in Photoshop or Lightroom (although those are nice, too :) ). One of the cool things about learning about film is the huge history and backstory for the whole process.

One of the more popular types of film is Ektar 100. This film looks great in bright light, and gives saturated and warm colors. I conscripted my favorite two models, Olivia and Gray, in to service, and decided to to a little Starbucks/fall themed shoot. They were pretty patient with me, and Olivia loves mugging for the camera.

Because this is a 100 film, it works best in bright light. I took these a little before the sunset, so unfortunately a few were a little blurry as I struggled to get a much light as the film needed, but the ones that turned out were pretty great, and I have another roll of this film I’m excited to test some more.