Christmas Day photos with your phone

The best part of Christmas Day is spending time with your family (after opening presents and spending the day in your PJs, of course!) Most people don’t have a big fancy DSLR to pull out for Christmas Day photos, and if they have one, the probably don’t want to use it (myself included). It’s important to be present and engaged on Christmas Day, and it hard to do that if you’re hiding behind a big old lens.

The beauty of technology is that the camera on your phone is probably a lot better than you think it is, there are just a few hacks you can use to get the most out of it.

Olivia & Gray on Ektar 100

One of the more popular types of film is Ektar 100. This film looks great in bright light, and gives saturated and warm colors. I conscripted my favorite two models, Olivia and Gray, in to service, and decided to to a little Starbucks/fall themed shoot. They were pretty patient with me, and Olivia loves mugging for the camera.

Travels on film - Chicago

This is the first family trip on which I took my film camera. It was freezing, and we were right by the lake, I so didn’t end up taking a ton of pictures, it was just so cold. We wen’t to the Field Museum of Natural History which was pretty awesome, and of course we got some deep dish pizza while we were there.