When I'm not organizing, re-organizing, and organizing again,  I'm hanging out with my family, knitting, or traveling (sometimes all at once).

I'm one of those people who really liked school (weird, I know!) and I love learning. Learning new systems comes second-nature to me, and using them to optimize my time is just icing on the cake! 

Currently I'm reading Marie Kondo's book Spark Joy, (I love it so far! I watched the Netflix show and I am now a huge fan) and am planning a family trip to DC this summer. I'm trying to talk my husband Brad in to doing a 5k with me, but so far no luck. 

That's me! (and that big, squishy eyes smile is especially me!)

Let me guess, you love photography, like really love it, so you decided to start your own business. Awesome, right?! (yes, it is!) But then you realized that running your own business meant creating a website, tracking finances, advertising, scheduling clients, managing social media, and before you know it you barely have time to do any actual photography, which is why you started your business in the first place!

I know the feeling because that's exactly where I was 8 years ago. After hopping from executive assistant to customer service to tech support, I decided to make my 'side hustle' my main source of income - I started a photography business. Aaaand then it seemed like I was doing everything BUT photography - I had more time to do photography when it was just a hobby! *sad trombone* 

Since then I've mastered organization and automation - making the most out of my business, connecting with clients, and, most importantly, leaving me time to spend with my family and to try to keep my plants alive.

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